Having a new baby is double the fun when dads give a hand. New-age father Angus Liang gives his personal take on how it’s done.


“We’ve always known that we would be come parents, because we felt that having children is the most natural thing for married couples to do.


So right after marriage, we kept a healthy lifestyle to prepare ourselves for the exciting journey.


We exercised together, had a healthier diet and read up on raising children.


Doing all these things together brought us closer as a couple, even before baby came, so that was really good for our marriage.


I remember being totally ecstatic when I found out that Jacqui was pregnant.


I knew immediately that I wanted to participate in every stage of the journey with her – it was our special project.


Even though my son was still in the womb, we would feel his movement and talk to him.


And I would faithfully juggle my work schedules just to attend all her medical check-ups.


It was fun attending pre-natal classes together because we both didn’t really know what to expect then.


Jacqui was a happy pregnant woman in a great part because she appreciated my support during the period of tremendous change for her.


When our son came, I took more than two weeks off work so that I could stay home to help and to know my son better.


I learned to bathe and feed the baby, and I could even pick him up and cajole him as well as my wife could!


Of course, this period of discovering my son – playing, talking, reading with him – was most memorable.


Jacqui went back to work after her two months of maternity leave were up and my son was cared for during the day by a babysitter.


I recall the first time I went to pick up my son from the babysitter’s house on my own, she was worried I couldn’t cope and she didn’t want to pass my son back to me!


But I have shown her that I was more than capable.


In fact, when our second child was five months old, my wife went on a week-long work trip and I cared for my two kids after work everyday.


Even though we now have three children and we are busier than before, the bond between my first child and me remains strong and I believe my presence during that early period of his life helped to cement this.


The relationship between my wife and I is stronger because we have also learnt to spend time just with each other to work on our marriage.


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