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We adore holidays and we love going on them with our loved ones.

Yet, Singapore was ranked the second most vacation-deprived nation in the Asia-Pacific according to a Vacation Deprivation Report done by Expedia. 

So what is stopping couples from going on more holidays? 

“We love going on holidays but taking time off from work always means missing out on some work opportunity and being in our 20s…NOW is the time to climb the corporate ladder right?”  - Ron and Ferl, 25 years old

“Money. We just got married and are renovating our flat. These milestones require a lot of cash. So, things like holidays – no matter how much we need one – becomes a luxury.” – Stanley & Yonda, 26 years old

“It’s a challenge to take a long period of leave from my job and sometimes, our busy work periods are on different halves of the year, which makes it even more challenging to go on holidays together.” – Louis & Vivian, 31 years old

Many of you might strongly resonate with these factors but not to worry; here are two budget-friendly options that save both time and money!

Holiday below $400

Too good to believe? Well, you better believe it because this option does not even include leaving Singapore…so leave your passports behind! 

Staycations are a rising popularity and becoming the answer to a quick, easy and affordable holiday for couples. 

Plus, being a metropolitan city, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a hotel. This means that you have absolute control over how much you want to spend on your staycation.


Save money by preparing easy meals from home or tau pau-ing yummy hawker food and spending the night under fluffy comforters and beds that have more space than you and your partner will ever take up! If you are feeling generous, order room service.


If you feel up to leaving the comforts of your room, plan activities to do within the vicinity of your hotel. 

Nature lovers can opt to stay at Changi Village hotel and plan trips to serene and Instagram worthy Pulau Ubin. 

On the other hand, die-hard city dwellers can opt to stay in the CBD area and enjoy the night life options instead. 


Schedule staycations during occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 

Often, mentioning that you are celebrating a special event will result in complimentary hotel perks such as dining vouchers or even a room upgrade.


Staycations are customisable to any budget, require light packing and the amount of research needed for a few relaxed days is minimal.  


If not planned well, staycations can end up feeling like a sleepover.


Holiday below $800

Holidays below $800 can bring you to our friendly neighbourhood countries for a few days. Yes, we are talking about Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia! 


Given the current exchange rate of the Singapore dollar to Malaysia ringgit, Malaysia makes for the perfect spot to escape. You can vacation at luxury resorts like Pangkor Laut Resort or renowned hotels like Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.


Synonymous with being known as the land of a thousand smiles, it is no surprise that Thailand is a favourite destination with many holiday makers. You can certainly enjoy the sun, sand and sea without digging deep into your pockets. 

In fact, according to Trip Advisor, a night at top rated beach properties like Railay Bay Resort and Spa and Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort range from only $74 SGD to $150 SGD.   


When it comes to vacationing in Indonesia, why not venture further for an authentic Indonesian experience?

Culture enthusiasts can take in the majestic sights of the world’s largest Buddhist temple in Yogyakarta. 

If you are feeling more adventurous, head to Bandung to experience some adrenaline pumping off-roading drives on muddy terrains or explore acres and acres of raw, untouched, natural beauty in Raja Ampat. 


For a truly authentic experience of whichever country you are holidaying in, make it a point to try the local cuisine at their food centres. Not to mention they are cheaper and very authentic compared to restaurants. 


The beauty in visiting other countries –is enjoying the experiences that the country is famous for! So, don’t miss out on the nature in Malaysia, massages in Thailand and water sports in Indonesia.


If there is any aspect of this option that can burst your $800 SGD budget, flights tickets are it. 

To ensure you get the most economical flight options; use websites that enable you to compare flight tickets between different airlines. 

Otherwise, a little diligence in checking your preferred airlines operator can go a long way in saving you some money.


It is always an adventure exploring new countries, cultures and cuisines with your better half. 

Not only will you create memories for a lifetime, you might also end up learning something new about your loved one. 


Travelling on a budget can mean spending much time on research. 

To make the most of it, split researching for different aspects of your holiday with your better half. 

As the saying goes – two heads are better than one. 


Saving for a couple holiday 

Saving for a holiday need not be a stressful experience with these tips:

  • Commit to a set a weekly saving amount together
  • Remind each other about the goal of a holiday when temptation strikes
  • Motivate each other by preparing meals for the work or school week together
Benefits of going on a couple holiday

It benefits your relationship. 

In fact, international researchers have found that vacations contribute to building stronger relationships as it promotes communication and fosters bonding through new experiences. 

To Dos for a happy couple holiday
  • Decide on your holiday budget together
  • Pick a country or experience that excites the both of you
  • Research and plan your itinerary together
  • Remember that holiday souvenirs can be pictures and therefore… absolutely free 
Safety first! Tips before planning your travel

“Did you know... Singaporeans in distress overseas can seek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) consular assistance during and after regular office hours @ (65) 6379 8000.”

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