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What is it about

We are inviting home-based business owners and entrepreneurs to run hands-on workshops for couples or parents and children.

Share this with someone you know or read on for collaboration details.


  • To develop and strengthen the bond between (1) couples or (2) parents and their children by engaging in activities together regularly.
  • To work with home-based business owners and entrepreneurs to develop creative & affordable workshops in I Love Children’s office (Sengkang).
  • Create exposure and awareness for home-based business owners and entrepreneurs through community outreach via bonding workshops.

The workshop has to be in line with I Love Children’s Vision and Mission.

As I Love Children is a non-profit organisation, any fees collected from the participants will be used to cover material costs and admin costs.


What is encouraged

Workshops that develop and strengthen the bond of the couple or parent and child, some of these workshop ideas but not limited to:

  • Art and craft - Candle-making, leathercraft
  • Drama workshop
  • Talks - Couplehood, parenthood and parenting related
  • Physical activities - Yoga, exercises, dance, martial arts
  • Story-telling

Interested home-based business owners and entrepreneurs will have to submit the outline of the workshop to I Love Children for review and approval.


What is not allowed

The following activities are not allowed during the workshop:

  • Cooking on the premises
  • The use of live fire at the event
  • Selling of insurance


How to collaborate

Visit this link and share

  1. The name of your business
  2. Your business website or social media links
  3. What your business is about
  4. Who your target audiences are (Couples or parent/child)
  5. Your proposed bonding activity through the workshop
  6. Proposed date or month of the workshop (at least 2 months from the date of submission)
  7. Your handphone number

We will reply to you within 5 working days.


Have something to ask?

Come talk to us!

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