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Want to get the whole family involved for the upcoming Chinese New Year preparations? Or simply not too sure what to do with the leftover angbaos (red packets)? Usher in the rabbit year with these easy-to-do, fuss-free and most importantly, children-friendly Chinese New Year themed crafts you and your child can do for a fun & crafty bonding time.

1. Sun Catcher

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We live in Sunny Singapore, so this has got to be the first thing to try on the list! If you don’t already know, a sun catcher is essentially a little decoration that is reflecting, reflective, and/or iridescent when exposed to a light source, so showcase your creativity and let some sunlight in! To tie in with this year of the rabbit, how about drawing or adding rabbit details on the suncatcher itself?

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All you need to make a basic suncatcher would be coloured markers, glass paint and a reflective material of choice such as an old CD or some hardy plastic.

Check out this tutorial on how to make your own suncatcher!     


2. Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

Nowadays with technological advancement, many a times greetings are sent easily with a touch of a button on various social media or messaging platforms. However, it loses a personalised touch if the greeting message is being sent across and forwarded to many recipients at the same time. While it is definitely efficient to do so, greeting cards, on the other hand requires a little time and effort to make, but it adds a personalised factor as it allows you to showcase your crafting skills, and the recipient will be delighted to receive a one-of-a-kind, especially handmade card.

Here is what you’ll need to make the most festive Chinese New Year Greeting Card, and some of you might already have these items readily available at home and that includes Construction papers, scissors, glue, angbao, stickers, glitter, coloured pencils/markers!

Here are some inspirations we love to help you get started!


3. Angbao Basket

It’s the in-thing right now to be eco-friendly and we’re pretty certain that most have heard of recycling. But have you heard of upcycling? Upcycling usually converts things that are otherwise thrown away into something of a better or higher quality! Not too sure what to do with the leftover angbaos you’ve been collecting over the years? There are many art & craft projects that you can embark on using readily available materials.

Check out this tiktok tutorial we found on how to make the festive Angbao Basket!


4. Chinese New Year Themed Miniature Clay Figurines

We’re certain this would be a popular choice amongst children (or adults alike!) as it reminds us of our favourite childhood past time – playing with play dough! To make these clay figurines generally requires a little more effort as you’d be working with air-dried clay. Air-dried clay has a slightly stickier consistency as compared to plasticine playdough that we’re all familiar with, but the upside is that it is definitely lighter. When it dries, it has a spongey feel and no further baking in the oven is required to harden the clay.

To tie this in with the festive season, you and your child could think of making various clay figurines and here are some ideas to help you get started, according to themes:

  1. Delicacies – for example, Pineapple Tarts, Spring Rolls, Ang Ku Kueh, Kueh Lapis
  2. Rabbit Cartoons – Bugs Bunny, Sylvanian families, Thumper rabbit
  3. Symbols representing Chinese New Year – mandarin oranges, red packets

Here’s a bonus tip for the girls and ladies – complete your Chinese New Year outfits by making your own Chinese New Year themed clay figurine earrings! With the small little ornaments, you have made, simply attach a hook or glue on an ear stud to flaunt and wear your art work on your ears!

You can get airdry clay in most art stores in Singapore or e-commerce platforms.


5. Rabbit Masks

Photo by Freepik

Since there’ll be plenty of photo opportunities as there’ll be house visiting during Chinese New Year, it’s apt to include these cute little handmade rabbit masks so everyone will have a special memento of this year’s Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit) celebrations!

These rabbit masks are so easy to make and you can use items that can be easily found at home!

Checkout this tutorial on how to make your own rabbit masks & get ready for the picture-perfect shot.


Getting everyone involved in the festivities are a lot of fun! We hope that these Chinese New Year themed crafts can help the young and young at hearts entertained.

With that, I Love Children wishes all a very happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous year of the rabbit! Should you and your family try any of the art & craft activities we have listed above, tag us on our social media platforms @ilovechildrensg. Happy crafting & have a great family bonding time this Chinese New Year!

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