Having a baby does not mean you have to say goodbye to couple time. With some creative thinking, you can include baby in your favourite couple activities and adopt a child-friendly lifestyle without giving up what you love.


• Sports: If you and your spouse are sports fanatics, choose less strenuous activities that can include your baby, such as brisk-walking or jogging with your baby in his or her stroller. Some fitness activities, such as yoga and swimming, even have classes tailored for mums and babies.


• Shopping: If shopping is a favourite pastime for you and your partner, you can still bring baby along. Choose a shopping centre that offers baby-changing facilities so you can feed or change baby easily. Some malls offer priority parking for families nearer the entrances, colouring kits for children and even kid strollers.


• Travelling: It is not true that life with a baby means no more overseas holidays. Lots of airports have faster lines at check-in gates for families. Many airlines provide bassinets on long-haul flights for babies that you can book in advance, as well as changing tables in the washrooms.


You can ask for child or baby airline meals, and bring along light snacks or baby cereals in case your child gets hungry in between meals.


To deal with the air pressure during take-off and landing, feed your child from either a breast or bottle; or if they are slightly older, you can give them a lollipop to suck on.


At your destination, you can also bring baby food in jars or feed your baby local bread, fruit and vegetables. If you make use of the hotel’s laundry facilities, you can even cut down on the amount of baby clothes you need to pack.

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