If taking time off from work for a vacation gets you anxious when the next working day looms, imagine what it would be like taking months away from work, not to mention that giving birth and caring for baby is not quite the same as spending a week relaxing in Maldives.


Work-life balance is a very real issue and when you are experiencing tremendous strain, parenthood seems remotely possible. Many young couples worry about parenting responsibilities encroaching on their career and time, and wonder can I really cope with the various demands?


What the work-life expert says:


Striking a good work-life balance requires a re-prioritisation of your life goals as a couple.


• First, consider the kind of life you want to live and focus your energy on your priorities.


• Know your strengths and passions, and align your life around them.


• Identify areas of your life that are causing unnecessary strain or wasting too much of your time, and make adjustments to minimise the stress or save time.


• If you are in your preferred profession but work inordinately long hours, find out why – is it due to the nature of the job, the organisation culture or time-wasting habits?


• Appreciate that you need not live your life at the same high intensity all the time; there are time when a break is necessary and rewarding.


~ Mrs Helen Lim-Yang, senior partner, OTi-SDC Consulting

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