You enjoy playing with children and find yourself oohing and aahing over pictures of cute, chubby babies. You start thinking about having a child of your own but you’re worried you won’t be a good dad or mum. Before you take the plunge to become a parent, take this quiz to check if you are ready for baby:


1. Are you a patient person?
a. Most of the time.
b. Sometimes.
c. Seldom.


2. How do you cope with stress?
a. Take a deep breath, walk away if need be, then come back to deal with the situation calmly.
b. Scream or cry to let out the stress and ask for help if needed.
c. Break down and avoid facing the problem.


3. Are you comfortable asking for help?
a. I have no problem asking for help most of the time.
b. I usually handle everything myself and only ask for help with I absolutely have to.
c. I try not to bother anyone and I usually prefer to deal with things myself.


4. Do you have close friends or relatives living nearby that you could approach for help?
a. Yes. We stay close to our parents and some friends and relatives who can help.
b. No. They stay farther away but can be relied on to help.
c. No. We are on our own and don’t really have anyone close that we can rely on for help.


5. Do you enjoy helping other people?
a. Yes. I enjoy helping other people and would set aside time to help.
b. Sometimes. If I have the time I’d love to help.
c. I try not to because I’m not sure if I can help. What if I make things worse?


6. Do you know how to change diapers?
a. I think so. It doesn’t seem that hard at all.
b. I don’t think so. But I think I could learn.
c. No. And I don’t think I want to learn. My partner can handle that.


7. Your child smears peanut butter on your white curtains. How do you react?
a. Tell him sternly that smearing dirt around the house is wrong. Help him clean his hands. Then clean up the curtains.
b. Scream in anger and scold your child “stupid”. Shout at him to clean his hands, while you take down the curtains to

c. Scold your child, scream and shout that it’s not fair you have to clean up. Then leave the curtain for your spouse to



8. Are you financially secure?
a. Yes. I always ensure I have savings for a rainy day.
b. Sort of. I have just enough to take care of myself.
c. I often worry about making ends meet.


9. How often do you spend time with children?
a. I hang out with kids almost every day.
b. About once a week when I see my nieces/nephews/friends’ kids.
c. Only during special occasions.


10. Why do you want to have a baby?
a. I am happily married to my spouse and would like to start my own family.
b. My spouse wants a baby, so I thought it would be a good idea to have one.
c. So I can get the baby bonus and income tax relief.


11. How would you describe your marriage?
a. We enjoy each other’s company, talk through our problems together and help each other.
b. We are like the weather. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. But it all works out in the end.
c. We are so busy leading separate lives we hardly have time to talk. I can’t remember the last time we went on a date



12. Does your spouse want to have a baby?
a. Yes. It’s our dream to have a baby together.
b. I think so. My spouse doesn’t seem to object to having a baby.
c. I don’t think he/she wants to have a baby.


13. Do you have to go out after work in order to feel that you have a life?
a. Not really. I am perfectly happy lazing at home. I only hang out if I really feel like it.
b. Most of the time. But I’m fine staying home too.
c. Of course! It’s so boring heading home straightaway after work.


14. How well do you manage your time?
a. I pretty much stick to my schedule most of the time.
b. Sometimes I am able to keep to schedule, sometimes I just move with the flow.
c. I just move with the flow, and can’t be bothered to keep track of time.


15. Do you think having a social life is possible after having a baby?
a. Of course! You just have to make adjustments. Get someone to help care for your child when you are out or bring

    your kid along and have a big party together.
b. Maybe. But I worry about leaving my kid with someone else and would rather bring my child along with me

    everywhere I go.
c. No way. You will be tied to your baby and there’s no way you can meet up with friends.


16. Is travelling with a baby possible?
a. Yes. You will need to make more preparations ahead of time that’s all.
b. Yes. But I will only try if I am well-prepared and only for nearby destinations.
c. No. It’s too much trouble to travel with a baby.


17. How many hours of sleep do you need in order to function properly?
a. I can manage with a few hours of sleep a day.
b. I think 5 hours is good enough for me. Though the more the merrier.
c. I need a full night’s rest and I like to take naps during the day.


18. Are you a smoker or drinker?
a. No. I’m not a smoker, and rarely drink.
b. A few cigarettes, and a few beers every week.
c. I need my nicotine and alcohol fix every day.


19. Do you exercise?
a. Yes. At least three times a week.
b. Yes. Once a week.
c. I have no time to exercise.


20. Do you often get sick?
a. Hardly.
b. Sometimes, a few times a year.
c. Often. At least once a month.




Tally up your quiz results and count the number of ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ you have.


If you selected mostly ‘a’ for your answers: You love children and are likely to be in good shape to be a mum or dad. Work on maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise at least three times a week. Be mentally prepared to adjust to life with a newborn when you become a parent and save up for baby expenses. Tap on your social network for help in caring for your baby. Talk to couples with kids for tips on preparing for a newborn or read up for more information.


If you selected mostly ‘b’ for your answers: You know you want a child but you are a little unsure about becoming a mum or dad. Or you may not be so prepared for the changes that come with parenthood. Take time to discuss with your spouse on your thoughts on parenthood. Make it a point to read up about parenthood and talk to fellow young parents to get tips on how to better adjust to life with a newborn. Don’t be shy to ask for help from in-laws, parents, relatives or friends. Exercise, eat healthily, and quit smoking or avoid drinking as much as possible to improve your chances of conception.


If you selected mostly ‘c’ for your answers: You’re not sure if having a baby is a good idea. It may be because you are unsure of how a baby will affect your marriage, or you are not ready to change your lifestyle for a newborn. Bear in mind that the chances of conception decline rapidly with age and having children is a decision best made earlier than later. To begin with, maintain open communication with your spouse. Ensure that the spousal relationship is strong before considering having a child. Then discuss as a team, how to resolve other baby issues, such as childcare, or changes in lifestyle. There’s no need to rush into things. Iron out your thoughts and issues, one step at a time. Talk to other couples with kids for advice. Consider marriage counseling if necessary.


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