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“Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love!”

Putting the “Grand” in Grandparents

So…what’s so grand about being a grandparent?

Grandparents...they’ll find new ways to strengthen family ties and provide grandchildren with joyful memories and valuable life lessons.

They are the ones who open up opportunities for us to see the world in a new way, to play, to love someone new, and to be needed by someone again.

Grandparents are often the family historians, and can add a rich sense of family tradition to a child's life. They can also teach children positive attitudes towards aging and help them develop skills to enhance their own lifelong learning.

Of course, not everything about being a grandparent is great all of the time. But, the joy of grandparenting outweighs the drawbacks.

Here's why…

The Grand Privilege

Your children appreciate you more than before…

  • They seek your advice on their own children (because you are wiser)
  • You use your breadth of experience to help them avoid the parenting pitfalls (because you’ve been there, done that)
  • You watch them grow from singlehood to parenthood (and wonder where have all the time gone)
  • You become their pillar of support besides their spouse (because they trust you…a lot!)
  • They look forward to visiting and having your home cooked food (because nothing tastes better)


Your grandchildren’s curious minds will keep you on the go…

  • They remind you how simple life can be (anything can make them laugh)
  • They will make you laugh (because they laughed)
  • They teach you to be a child again (buying a toy for your grandchild but it is really for you)
  • They will teach you new things (the new  things that youngsters are in to)
  • They will listen to your stories (because it involves life’s lessons)
  • They will share secrets with you (because you can keep them…or sometimes forget)

Active Grandparenting Tips

“Becoming a grandparent is wonderful. One moment you’re just a parent. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.” ~ Pam Brown

Keep up your own health

Get regular check-ups and follow your doctor's advice. Try to get an adequate amount of sleep and do not skip meals.

Insist on a regular quiet hour

Grandchildren can take naps or have a quiet time in their rooms. Learn to relax during this time.

Take time for yourself

Look for events where the grandchildren can enjoy while you enjoy a cup of coffee (and can still keep a watchful eye on them .

Set limits

With your grandchildren and stick to them no matter how difficult it may get. (One cookie means one cookie or regret the sugar rush later!)

Focus on the positive

And keep your sense of humor, your children and grandchildren will not disappoint with the laughter to come.

So…what’s so grand about being a grandparent? You are!


I Love Children wishes all grandparents a Happy Grandparents' Day!


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