Experiencing the birth of your child and seeing him or her grow up will give you a great sense of satisfaction. However, there’s no denying that becoming parents will mean that you need to start adjusting to your new lifestyle with baby.


There will be some sacrifices that you will need to make but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun as a couple or indulge in your favourite manicure with your girlfriends or drinking sessions with your buddies. Here are some ways to make the transition from to parenthood easier:


1. Read, read and read: As they say, knowledge is power. Being new on the job, there will be lots of things you do not know. Brush up your knowledge on parenthood with the help of books, websites (such as, and magazines.


2. Practise caring for the baby: Learning how to change, feed and bathe your newborn is a skill that both parents should master as soon as possible – and if you are “kiasu” enough, you may want to start practising before your baby arrives.


3. Understand why baby is crying: A baby’s cries are his or her way of communicating a need or want to adults. By understanding the basic baby needs, you will have less problems trying to decipher what baby wants when he or she cries:


• Is your baby hungry? Check if it’s time to feed your baby.
• Is your baby too warm or too cold? Adjust your baby’s clothes to make him or her more comfortable.
• Does your baby need a diaper change? Check for signs of wetness or soiled diaper.
• Is your baby over tired or missed a regular nap? Try rocking him or her to sleep.
• Does your baby feel scared or insecure? Make eye contact with your baby.
• Does your baby have symptoms of colic or need to be burped? Place baby over your shoulder and gently rub or pat your baby's back.
• Is your baby teething? Standby with a teething ring or chewable food to help pacify your baby.
• Is your baby bored? Try a game of peak-a-boo or read a story to him or her.
• Is your baby irritable? Sing your baby a song or take him or her out for a walk.


4. Get away from baby: We don’t mean abandoning your newborn – sometimes it helps to leave your baby with the grandparents or caregivers for a few hours, and make time for yourself and your spouse. Remember, becoming parents does not mean you have to stick to your newborn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your baby needs a social life as much as you do.

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