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Valentine’s Day is drawing near again. While some might argue that the occasion has now become too commercialised, we say that it’s always a good idea to show your other half some well-deserved love and appreciation, no matter the occasion! Here are nine ideas that will surely win your sweetheart over.


1. A candlelit dinner

A candlelit dinner is a fantastic idea! Whip up one of your best dishes, prepare both your favourite beverages in a wine glass. Top it up with a romantic minus one soundtrack and you are good to go!

“My boyfriend surprised me with a candlelit dinner in his balcony on our first Valentine’s Day together, I was most definitely charmed!” ~Alicia, 24.


2. Write (and perform) a love song

What could be more romantic than serenading your loved one with a song that you’ve written yourself? If you don't want to ruin the mood by singing out of tune, you can always recite a personalised poem.

"My ex-boyfriend (now husband) won me over with his made-up songs. Now our daughters are charmed by his singing too!" ~Rosalind, 32


3. Pick up an activity

Couple activities can prove to be oodles of fun if your loved one is the hands-on and spontaneous sort. Bake together and eat cake batter off the mixing spoon if you like, or do some art jamming in the living room, play board games or even video games because a healthy competition is...well...healthy!

Who knows, through these activities, you might also discover your partner’s hidden talents, or yours!


4. Organise a treasure hunt

Here’s a Valentine’s Day idea that promises to be lots of fun. Hide little notes or clues around the house, and then give him or her a hand-drawn map to follow. X marks the spot: the surprise waiting for him or her at the end of the hunt could be a well-chosen gift, or even just yourself – with the biggest bear hug that you’re capable of delivering!


5. Massage

Whisk your loved one away with a relaxing massage in a dimly lit room, accompanied by aromatherapy and essential oils. No speaking needed, just some romantic background music to set the right mood. 

"My wife got us a booklet of couple coupons from a novelty store that we could use on each other, of course, I redeemed a 30-minute massage session from my wife, it was a coupon well spent." ~Mervin, 31

6. Indoor picnic

Plan an indoor “picnic” – lay a comfy blanket on the floor of your living room (or balcony), order home delivery and snuggle with your loved one.

“My boyfriend and I initially planned to have a picnic at Gardens by the Bay, but since it is not the best time to be visiting potentially crowded places during this period, we have to improvise – we are going to have a little picnic in my boyfriend's balcony which resembles a mini garden, it is definitely going to be a memorable one." ~Xiao Ting, 25


7. Put together a care package

Your Valentine’s Day gift to your other half doesn’t necessarily have to be lavish. Instead, it could be something as simple as putting together a care package or gift basket comprising a number of small but thoughtful items, such as healthy snacks for the office, a self-drawn portrait and more. He or she will appreciate the thought process behind each gift.


8. Decorate his or her room

Lure your other half out of the house, arm yourself with craft materials and then proceed to give his or her room a romantic makeover. Some craft ideas include pasting a photo collage on the wall, illuminating the room with fairy lights or sprinkling the bed with confetti or rose petals.


9. Movie night

You have microwaved popcorn, an endless supply of drinks, the perfect movie (on HBO or Netflix), a comfortable couch, blankets, pyjamas on and the pause button for toilet breaks! Perfect for anyone with a small bladder!



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