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In recent years, there has been an increase in fertility awareness among young adults, but there is still this question of “How do I start?” or “Where can I go for a fertility health check?”

As we understand the frustration couples face while trying to conceive, we've created this support group to help you cope physically and emotionally.

We hope we can help you with this list on where you can go.

Couples can go for a fertility health check at any clinics or hospitals that have a gynaecologist. There are different fertility packages available and it varies among clinics and hospitals. But do take note that a fertility health check cannot be done with a GP or at polyclinics.

You can check out these 6 places where you and your spouse can go for a fertility health check:


1. Government Hospitals

There are only three government hospitals where you can get a fertility health check:

Singaporean couples can also get a referral from the polyclinic to one of these three hospitals to get a subsidised rate for fertility health checks. But since there are no basic packages available in these hospitals at the moment, the gynaecologist will order the tests based on the doctor’s assessment of the couple.


2. Thomson Fertility Centre 

A fertility health check at Thomson Fertility Centre costs $450 (before GST) and includes the following tests:

• Pelvic Ultrasound Scan (Wife)

• Comprehensive blood tests (Wife)

• Semen analysis (Husband)

• Review of the result with a fertility specialist (Husband and wife)


3. Raffles Fertility Centre

A fertility health check at Raffles Fertility Centre costs $411.78 (after GST) and includes the following tests:

• Transvaginal ultrasound scan (Wife)

• Egg reserve blood test (AMH) (Wife)

• Pap smear (Wife)

• Thyroid stimulating hormone test (Wife)

• Prolactin hormone test (Wife)

• Semen analysis (Husband)

• Review of the results with a fertility specialist (upon availability of results) (Husband and wife)


4. Virtus Fertility Centre 

A fertility health check at Virtus Fertility Centre costs $550 (before GST) and includes the following tests:

• Pelvic Ultrasound Scan (Wife)

• Comprehensive blood tests (Wife)

• Semen analysis with DNA fragmentation test (Husband)

• Review of the result with a fertility specialist (Husband and wife)


5. Private Fertility Clinics

In Singapore, many private fertility clinics offers comprehensive fertility health checks. While some clinics feature pre-existing packages, others require personalized orders based on the doctor's evaluation of the couple. It's crucial to note that these clinics specialize in fertility rather than general practitioner services. Uncertain about which fertility clinic to choose? Refer to point 6!


6. Recommendations

Every couple will have different needs and comfort level on hospitals and gynaecologists. It would be good to get recommendations from your family, friends or loved ones. Or you could check out reviews from online forums.

Fertility can be a sensitive topic, but you’ll be surprised how much your family and friends know about fertility health, so don’t be afraid to ask. 


Did you know?

Oh yes, there is a Sperm OK test kit for males to check their sperm count in the comfort of their own home. Do note that a fertility specialist is needed to check the quality of the sperm.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Fertility Health Checks. 

1)  What is it?

It is an assessment of a couple’s fertility – to identify areas that may affect their chances of a natural pregnancy. 

For women, it involves an ultrasound scan and blood test. For men, it’ll include a semen analysis. In some couples, specialised scans and additional tests may be required. 

2)  Why go for it?

Going for the check can help identify any contributing factors and eliminate any conditions that could prevent or delay a healthy pregnancy.

For example, mild symptoms like menstrual cramps, which are often dismissed as “normal”, and low sperm count and quality which cannot be detected without lab tests, can be some of the reasons.

3)  Who should go?

The fertility health check is for all couples who are trying to conceive. It is also recommended for newlyweds and those with plans to have children. 

4)  How long will the check 'last'?

There is no official ‘validity period’ as fertility is affected by factors such as age, stress, infection, etc. which may occur any time. 

If there are no significant changes to the couple’s health profile, and where the fertility check shows normal findings, then a couple (under 35 years) may try for baby naturally for the next one to two years.

5)  Do couples need to go again for a check when trying for another baby?

A repeat fertility check may be considered for couples who had a previous pregnancy and/or delivery:

  • Long interval (2 years or more) from last pregnancy/delivery
  • Surgery performed since last fertility health check (including caesarean section)
  • New illness or change in health last check (including new medications or treatment)
  • Older couples (above 35 years)        


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