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Can traditional Chinese medicine enhance your fertility? Ms Seah Ai Wei, a TCM Physician at Thomson Chinese Medicine, answers those questions in this article.

1. Is it advisable to go for body massage bojin TCM when trying to get pregnant or during the ovulation period?

It is best to avoid massage after ovulation as it may affect the viability of the pregnancy.


2. Can TCM help improve egg quality for IVF?

TCM can improve blood flow to the reproductive organs and regulate the hormonal balance that may enhance egg quality.


3. Can TCM help to increase the chances of successful embryo implantation for IVF?

Some studies have shown that TCM can help to increase the chances of successful embryo implantation.


4. Any side effects for TCM Chinese Medicine?

Most patients do not experience side effects, however, some who are taking Chinese medicine for the first time might experience bloating and/or heaty symptoms such as dry throat. Some might experience a shorter or delayed menstrual cycle in the first month.


5. Can I just do acupuncture to improve fertility?

Yes, but please consult your TCM Physician to understand what is best for you.


6. What is the effectiveness difference between herbal pills and herbal powder?

In treating a condition, the herbal powder is the primary mode of medication as the prescription can be tailored to meet the patient’s specific syndrome. Herbal pills may be prescribed on top of the herbal powder as a supplement. However, patients who only require maintenance may take the herbal pill on its own.


7. Can we rely mainly on TCM to assist in unblocking fallopian tubes?

For blockages that require surgery, TCM treatment is unlikely to have any impact. However, for mild swelling or infection, Chinese medicine may be considered as a treatment option.

There are varying degrees of blockage so do check with your TCM Physician on what is the recommended course of treatment.


8. Are there any Chinese medicinal ingredients to avoid when trying for pregnancy?

Chinese medicine should be taken according to your body constitution when trying for pregnancy. Hence taking any prescription that is not tailored for you could either have no effect or undesired effects.


9. Does cupping help with fertility?

Depending on individuals, cupping could be a treatment modality prescribed by the TCM Physician as part of fertility treatment.


10. Will taking ba zhen soup after menses, enhance fertility?

Ba Zhen Tang is a common herbal remedy to improve Blood & Energy. As long as you have no underlying condition, it can be taken after menses to tonify the body.


11. Can TCM help remove/reduce cysts on the left ovary?

TCM can help to manage the growth of cysts, however, you will need to discuss with your physician the best course of treatment.


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