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As most of us would know, love is a powerful force that can drive us to do pretty…unusual things. And we’re not just talking about crazy things couples do when they were dating, because these emotions extend well into parenthood, even to fathers!

So, this Father’s Day, we asked dads what are the things they never thought they would be doing until they became fathers. And man… whoever said “fatherhood changes a man in ways he could never imagine” sure wasn’t kidding!

Here are some of our favourite things dads do for the kids they love:


1. Embracing a more adventurous life


“I’d never expected myself to be enjoying places of attraction like the River Safari until I became a father to my two fun-loving kids!” Ng Chow Yong


“My husband was a workaholic who would be working non-stop or swung to the other extreme – lounging at home all day. Now, with a hyperactive son, he would bring him out on lots of adventures. I would’ve never expected fatherhood to change him so much.” Carol Neo


“Fatherhood is messy, crazy and challenging. But it’s unbelievably beautiful when I see my kids’ smiles…when I bring them out for activities.” Koh Deric


2. Shopping for baby clothes…alone!


“I have never expected myself to step into the children’s department ALONE to purchase clothes for my boy and girl.” | @wonderwalkers


“Owning a membership card of a children's clothes store! Fatherhood changed me.” Han Bock Chin


3. Making trips to and from school fun


“Taking my boy for a ride on my scooter before going to work in the morning and heading home in the evening. I never imagined doing this every day…cherishing these happy moments and memories.” | @grandhi1234


“Talking to my son in the car about his day at school. I have such a great time with him just hearing his stories.” | Pangan


4. From movie buff to Paw Patrol pals


“Watching cartoons with my children, to spend some quality time together.” | @rnyc1112


“Subscribing to cartoon channels on cable, on top of my football channels!” | Michael S.


5. Turning into drama kings


“Reading books aloud to my daughter! I have to create dramatic voices and read aloud with interesting tones. It always makes me happy to see her so engrossed with my story-telling sessions.” | WaiPhone Aung


“Dancing around and making funny faces just to see the smiles on my kids’ faces.” | @slkl21


“As a tone deaf person, I never expected myself to sing out loud to my baby in public!” | @rendell


“I am a dad of 5 and I never expected myself to enjoy making funny faces with my kiddos.” | Ng Tio Nguan


6. Becoming more conscious of health and cleanliness


“Being more health conscious so that I can be healthy enough to take care of my baby.” | @shawncheong


“Doing housework because I want to keep the home environment and floor clean for my daughter when she’s crawling around.” | @babyytan


7. Overcoming the fear of bathing a fragile newborn


“I’ve never carried a newborn or, in fact, any baby before I became a father. Now, I’m not only able to carry but also bathe my newborn baby.” | Ace Tan


“Giving our newborn granddaughter her first bath.” | Winnie Ong and Bennie Tay


8. Cleaning up poop… poop… and more poop!


“Changing diapers.” | @coldkohmew


“Never imagined myself wiping the poop off my little one's bum.” | @meowmeowyeo


“Change poonami diapers for my baby girl.” | Ng Tio Nguan


“Bathe babies and clean their bums but it’s a real joy to do all these.” | Derick Goh


9. Showing that mess and smell don’t matter


“Rushed ahead to hug my boy when he's covered in vomit. Now that's love!” | Brian Cheung


“Toys and children’s books are a mainstay in my living room, where sometimes I can't even see my carpet. But I'm loving it.” | BJ


10. And, last but not least, being a more loving husband


“Although I'm overly aware of my role as a provider, I sometimes become intimidated and frustrated by my gender limitations. I can't breastfeed but I can help my wife get comfortable while she nurses. I may not have the instinct to wake up as easily when the baby cries in the middle of the night, but if she’s sleeping in our room, I will sleep on the side of the bed that’s closer to her. That way, I will be more alert to baby’s cries and be better able to help out with those 2am feeds.” | Ajeek Syasya


Awww~ <3 To all the awesome dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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